Since the foundation date - the firm Glitter has been creating the activity system basig on the commercial businnes contacts and clients' remarks and requirements. The cooperation with the cusomers, from different parts of the world, has determined the firm's owner Kazimierz Rafał Szyszko to prepare and eleborate a very rich pattern designing satisfying even the most subtle tastes.

Each client has some particular expectations and for this reason the firm Glitter is always very flexible during negotiations and does its best to meet client's interest. Each client or visitor is treated by us indyvidually.
In the system of our activity - the priority place takes a great carefulness for hight quality of the offered jewellery and using the suitable production technologies to fullfil the clients' requirements. The Glitter offers traditional designs, mass production (cast-silver) as well as unique hand-made products. Keeping up with the time, our offer is continuously enriched by new designs meeting new requirements of the permanently changing style trends. The main source of the Glitter success is a great disposition to developing and competence in coping the clients expectations.

The firm Glitter gives to all visitors a warm welcome on the Glitter's www page and invite to contact Glitter and enter to cooperation.

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